ufabet: Game for high-enders?

What is ufabet?
ufabet is a card game originated 500 years ago in Italy. It is game of 2 or 3 cards, with the winner having higher score. It is more like a luck game than that of a skill.
Some history.
A man named Felix Falguiere, made a game called game of ufabet, which is Italian for zero. All the tens, kings, queens, jacks have zero value in the game. Same follows for the losing hand if it totals zero. It was banned by King Louis XIV, a French ruler but it only gained more popularity. By 19th century, it was widely known in Europe.
Play rules
ufabet is a type of baccarat game. A fairly easy game that has 2 hands- ‘player’ and ‘banker’. It starts with a deck of 8 cards. The winner should get close to 9. The Baccarat tells either ‘player’ hand will win or ‘banker’ hand. The sum of all cards will be 10, and only the right side of the number will be accounted. If the player gets 14, then 4; if 10 then 9. To get 9 is the only solution.
Bets in baccarat
Here, wagers means bets. There are two wagers in Baccarat; one is ‘Pair’ and another is ‘Tie’.
Pair- It means the first two cards of both the hands will be same.
Tie- In this all the bets are returned to both the hands. The player gets to place the bets and can get a return accordingly is the game is interpreted or void.
A fairly easy game, but based on luck. The software for the ufabet is BR Softech. It is one of the leading game development company. It provides superior and smoothest gaming experience.